Secondary vtMTSS Academy

Through collaboration with the Vermont Agency of Education, Secondary vtMTSS is a multi-year transition and college and career competency (CCC) improvement initiative that provides online professional development and resources to educators across Vermont.

Online Modules: These learning modules provide summarized research, assessments, instructional strategies, and case studies through video and print media. Each learning package culminates with the development of an instructional plan to support students in expanding their competency. Upon completion of the module, participants receive a certificate for three continuing education hours. To access the modules, go to and create a free account.

Online Academy: The Academy is an online community of educators who share a common interest in preparing all high school students to be successful in college and careers. This virtual Academy focuses on classroom instructional strategies that support students to master research-based competencies shown to improve in-school and post-school success. Presented in a variety of media, the content provides a springboard for participants’ reflection on their current practices as well as discussion with colleagues across the state. Participants can receive up to 60 continuing education hours through the Academy. Apply for the Academy.

Competency Wheel: The terminology used in the Competency Wheel is universal and educators (e.g., counselors, general and special education teachers, career educators, administrators, and higher education instructors) as well as parents and employers believe in the importance of developing the competencies. Through a common language and a shared vision, students are given the support necessary to succeed in school and in their post-school endeavors. Download the Competency Wheel at

Competency Questionnaires: Educator, parent, and student questionnaires are available to assist schools and parents in identifying competencies for targeted supports and instruction. Access the Questionnaires at

Teacher Guides & Videos: Available for each competency, these resources help educators address the skills that students need for post-school success. Each guide features research, assessments, and instructional practices specific to the competency. The references at the end of each guide enable further exploration of the source information. Access the resources at