Missouri SPDG External Evaluation

The Missouri State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) focuses on increasing statewide capacity to provide high-quality, ongoing professional development that improves that quality of education for all students, especially students with disabilities. Through this project, the SPDG collaborates with the Statewide System of Support (SSOS) to develop and implement effective evidence-based professional development. The SPDG is guided by the following two goals: 

  1. Improve the educational achievement of all students, especially students with disabilities, through the development, implementation, and evaluation of a targeted system of professional development, which includes training, technical assistance and coaching. professional development and data-based teaching and learning decision making. 
  2. Increase and improve the use of technologies to support implementation ofprofessional development and data-based teaching and learning decision making.

The approach recognizes the importance of working at all levels (State Education Agency, regional, and Local Education Agency) to create a statewide system of data-informed, high-quality professional development.

Since 2007, Research Collaboration has served as the external evaluator for the Missouri SPDG by collecting and analyzing data from various stakeholders including students, families, school personnel, Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) consultants, implementation facilitators, and Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) staff. Data collection methods include surveys, analysis of student academic achievement and behavioral data, interviews, observations and document analysis. Furthermore, quantitative and qualitative data is collected on variables ranging from student achievement and teacher attitudes to capacity building at the school, district, regional, and state levels. This data is used to provide both formative and summative evaluation. As evaluators, we are key participants on the SPDG Core Team, and we attend monthly meetings to provide data summaries and modify the evaluation plan as needed for continuous project improvement. Learn more about the Missouri SPDG at http://www.moedu-sail.org.