Arizona CCCTT

Beginning in 2010, the Arizona Department of Education Exceptional Student Services (ADE/ESS) partnered with Research Collaboration to offer the Arizona Secondary Transition Mentoring Project to Public Education Agencies (PEAs) throughout the state. As a result of that project, ADE/ESS and Research Collaboration have developed the College and Career Competency Team Training project to help eligible PEAs equip all students (including students who receive special education services) with the competencies they need to become career-equipped, socially and emotionally engaged, and lifelong learners.

Participation in the trainings spans two years. During their first year, teams:

  • Determine school and community barriers based on multiple sources of data (e.g., students’ course history, academic performance, educational engagement, and Indicators 1, 2, 13, & 14).

  • Make connections between best practices in secondary transition services and common core state standards.

  • Participate in the Post-School Outcomes (PSO) Survey.

  • Learn strategies and supports that develop students’ cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills in accordance with individual student needs.

  • Develop action plans that address identified barriers and implement activities relevant to targeted needs.

  • Reflect on and evaluate teams’ adherence to action plans, progress toward full operation, and results.

In year two, teams:

  • Develop interagency college and career competency task forces.
  • Measure progress made and target areas still in need of improvement.
  • Develop structures and processes to sustain college and career competency improvements following project completion.
  • Develop protocols for working with stakeholders to increase employability and postsecondary participation of all students.

Following the first two years of face-to-face trainings, teams have the option to participate in webinars covering topics to support sustainability.

For more information on the Arizona CCCTT project, please visit the project website here.